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IMDb (also known as the Internet Movie Database) is an online database owned by Amazon of information related to films, television programs, home videos, video games, and streaming content online – including cast, production crew and personal biographies, plot summaries, trivia, ratings, and fan and critical reviews. An additional fan feature, message boards, was abandoned in February 2017.

Jaquie M. says, "I must be getting old, but I still remember opening my IMDB Account when I was eleven years old. God, it seems like an eternity ago in some aspects and only yesterday in others! I remember leaving a review for The Matrix, which of course, like almost every one else on the planet, I loved and was enthralled by. For days after, I spent hours upon hours reading other people's reviews and finding new gems, some I had never even heard of, to look for and watch next. What a great site!

Fast forward to the present, and it is with a heavy heart that I am thinking of deleting my account. No, I confess I have come close, but have not done it yet.

The reason? Simply, it is no longer a site which can be trusted for honest, correct ratings and reviews.

The problem? Well, aside from the blatant and overt distortion and manipulation of ratings on a growing number of films, it is the fact that no one at IMDB seems to care.

In fact, in my opinion, and I must stress that it is my opinion only, I sometimes think that maybe the site itself receives kickbacks of some kind in order to facilitate the ongoing deception(s). The reason why I so firmly believe this, is that to begin, they have no real kind of reporting tool save a report button under each person's review, which leads you to a choice of four options - none of which cover "suspected ratings manipulator" (or something similar), and when you do choose another of the options nothing ever comes of it. Reviews very RARELY, if EVER, get deleted from the site.

For example (just one example out of a very many) there is a 2015 film called Whispers (Google "Whispers (2015) - IMDb"). Until a year back, it had a rating of 9.2... and I can honestly tell you that it is one of the most ridiculously bad movies ever put to film. I kid you not when I tell you that every single day, for YEARS, the creators or those involved in the film would "up" the rating by at least 30 votes. Every DAY. I KNEW this because of several reasons. 1. we had been duped by the high score into renting it and were flabbergasted to discover it was a terrible film; 2. After I left a bad 1-star review on it (and then saw all the other bad reviews on it which had been hidden at the bottom) the "fakers" came and posted THREE 10-star reviews to drown out mine, which caused me to begin checking it every SINGLE day; 3. When other people left bad reviews on it (all saying the same thing: "don't fall for the fake good reviews") the fakers would rush in and again post three or four reviews right after and for every bad review left; and 4. Every SINGLE day the 10-Star reviews would gain almost 30 up-votes and the 1-star reviews would be down-voted at least thirty times EVERY SINGLE DAY - FOR YEARS. I promise this is true.

After a few months of watching this, I reported it on the IMDB Get Satisfaction Page (which is anything but), only to find that it had already been reported along with a bunch of different titles. IMDB did NOTHING... for YEARS. During that time, I can only imagine that the creators of the film raked in money in rentals and other royalties (the film was available on Red Box where they also left fake reviews), and in my eyes, IMDB was complicit in fIeecing a great number of people by not doing anything when they were advised of what was happening.

It would not have taken anyone at IMDB more than a couple of days to catch on to what was going on with it. Heck, a couple of hours would have been sufficient time to not only go through all the comments and see how every high-score review said almost the exact same thing, spelled and misspelled words exactly the same, used very similar usernames, etc., but also to take into consideration the number of people who had been duped and who had left reviews warning others.

As it is, years later, that title has now (mostly) been cleared up and cleaned up. I say mostly, because although IMDB deleted a huge number of reviews (both bad and good) and removed the plumped-up ratings which brought it from the 9.2, to a more believable 4.4, the fakers STILL visit the site and have up-voted all the positive reviews back up to the top, so again, any unsuspecting person who visits the page will see all glowing reviews on it, and most likely will not dig deep enough to see the real ones.

Again, that is only ONE title out of hundreds that this is happening to.

There is a Netflix film called Time Trap where 80% of the positive reviews all say the same: 'give these guys a sequel!'; 'I want to see Part 2!'; 'This should be made into a television series!'; 'there needs to be another one of these films!'... only, the first one was terrible... and the positive reviews mostly ADMIT that it was terrible, but always include a caveat: "Yes, there are plot holes galore and the acting is pretty bad and the ending feels rushed... BUT...". It's sad.

M Night Shyamalan's "Glass", has at least FOUR 1-Star reviews from who can only be the same person. This person talks about having wanted the film "to be about the cheerleaders" in all four small reviews AND all four "reviewers" have all reviewed the same three or four films. It isn't rocket science!:)

In short, IMDB used to be great. Now it is untrustworthy. While it is still a behemoth in regard to film reviews... because there is really no one else doing the same, and hey, more power to them for knowing and cashing in on that, the more people keep falling for fake reviews and high ratings, the less people will use them. There will still be the reviewers who enjoy seeing their usernames on reviews and who up-vote themselves to the top, and those who monetarily or in other ways benefit from planted reviews, but REAL users will be fewer and fewer.

And so it is with a heavy heart that I post this review. I hold a glimmer of hope that a new site, with stricter measures or perhaps better algorithms may pop up. One that would see through all the "fake", to give us clean, unvarnished opinions from one film lover to another."


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Dean says

"IMDb is a corrupted, dishonest and racist website that doesn't allow different opinion and criticism. This is another left wing propaganda website that doesn't allow truth to be heard. I was reviewing the TV show "Lovecraft Country", which is clearly a racist TV show, where most cast is black and where whites are demonized turned into racist monsters and where black "heroes" are fighting against those "evil, racist" whites. TV show creator is Jordan Peele - a well known black racist director. I made a review on IMDb about this TV show and I'll copy/paste exactly what I said there: "This is a clearly racist TV show, propaganda to be more precise. Avoid it". I didn't insult anyone, I didn't attack anyone, I didn't threaten anyone, just provided my honest opinion about it. It got published and it was getting upvotes, because my review was speaking truth. I was checking amount of upvotes everyday and today I noticed that I couldn't find it anymore. I checked my email that IMDb sent me when I wrote my review, clicked the link of "processing times page" and boom, I see it got declined. They removed it! This is what they wrote: "Declined! Reason: Not specified. Your contribution has been declined. We did not capture a specific reason during processing". Wow, just wow. Unbelievably, how corrupted, racist & biased became this website. They simply don't allow you to speak up the truth. They just removed my review because they simply do not like it and don't agree with it. So basically, If your review doesn't fit their agenda, it will be declined. I'm going to delete my account on IMDb now and I suggest everyone to do the same."

Ava says

"The site and account mgmt and spam control is AWFUL. I closed m account"

Jay says

"They’ve got more commercials than any web channel. Might as well watch regular tv. Deleted the app. IMDb sucks."

Felix Townsend says

"I used to love writing reviews for this site and for years IMDB would publish my reviews without question, that is until I started to also participate in contributing to their "trivia and goofs" section. It seems that IMDB will publish any and all movie reviews, even ones that are obviously fake, but it seems when it comes to trivia etc they have a level of consistency akin to a third world government. What annoys me most is that they will reject a reasonable piece of trivia for absolutely no reason and then direct you to their "trivia guidelines", which is supposed to tell me, what exactly? After scrolling through an almost endless list of criteria, I still have no idea why a particular contribution is specifically rejected at any given time, especially when there are already similar contributions made on the same movie or I've submitted many of the same contributions on a number of other movies that were approved. So where is the consistency? And if you email them to ask, despite their promise to get back to you in 24 hours, you never hear from them. How hard can their job really be? Sometimes they will say, "we were unable to verify your contribution". I'm not even sure what that means. How do you begin to verify a person's contribution on a range of fields that some schlub at IMDB may have no knowledge of? I guess if you can't find it on a cursory Wikipedia search then it's not worthy to appear on your site? However if you get angry with them to try and generate some kind of answer as promised, all you get is a typical sanctimonious reply about how they don't like your tone as it violates some code of ethics. Seriously? Maybe if you kept some level of professionalism as well as a consistent approach. So now after over 8 years of having to navigate their minefield of crap just to post info that may actually help those who are interested and love movies and to be left scratching my head on why one thing gets approved and another doesn't, IMDB will no longer allow me to contribute anything, including reviews, and I still can't get in contact with anyone that works there to straighten out any issues. Thank God they don't handle any of our finances or perform surgery on pretty much anything that lives, plants included, as they'll not only screw you over for no real reason, they'll blame you for not being able to follow indecipherable and unrealistic criteria, keep you in the dark about what went wrong and ignore any and all requests for answers. There's no complaint department, it's probably the one and the same gastropod who tells you that they cant verify your contribution."

Tom says

"They removes any review which is different than their agenda. "

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